Meridian Bioscience will be at the following meetings, we look forward to meeting with you in person.

ICOPA 2018, 14th International Congress of Parasitology
19th - 24th August 2018
Daegu, Korea

Swiss Society for Microbiology
28th - 30th August 2018
Lausanne, Switzerland

AMCLI Summer School for Lab Technicians
6th - 8th September 2018
Aosta, Italy

6th International C. difficile Symposium
12th - 14th September 2018
Bled, Slovenia

XXXIst International Workshop on Helicobacter & Microbiota in Inflammation and Cancer (EHMSG)
14th - 15th September 2018
Kaunas, Lithuania

Controllo Delle Infezioni Da Clostridium Difficile?
20th September 2018
Villarbasse, Italy

Festival Delle Scienze Infettivologiche
20th - 21st September 2018
Ferrara, Italy

Microbe 2018
21st - 23rd September 2018
Sheffield, UK

Giornate Piemontesi di Medicina Clinica
11th - 13th October 2018
Cueno, Italy

Journées Françaises de Biologie Médicale
16th - 17th October 2018
Paris, France

AMCLI National Congress
10th - 13th November 2018
Rimini, Italy

Medica Exhibition
12th - 15th November 2018
Dusseldorf, Germany

Italian Society for Virology
28th - 30th November 2018
Roma, Italy

RICAI 2018
17th - 18th December 2018
Paris, France

4th - 7th February 2019
Dubai, UAE

13th - 16th April 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

22nd - 24th May 2019
Tours, France

16th - 20th September 2019
Liverpool, UK

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