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"We implemented the test (Alethia / illumigene C. difficile) in full outbreak and I showed the numbers of the reduction (96 to 23 positives) that we had after implementing the molecular assay"


Dr. Katelijne Floré, AZ Sint-Lucas Brugge, Belgium


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Alethia / illumigene by Meridian Bioscience empowers your lab with the speed and accuracy of molecular testing.

Alethia / illumigene delivers the power of molecular technology in a simplified and affordable format. Meridian Bioscience has employed Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) technology to design and manufacture the Alethia / illumipro-10, a compact, automated detection system with a very simple assay process that is the heart of Alethia / illumigene.

Based on feedback from hundreds of laboratory professionals, Alethia / illumigene is the molecular diagnostic system clinical labs have been waiting for.

  • Simple procedure
  • Small footprint
  • Faster and Flexible
  • Cost-effective

Alethia / illumigene makes it possible for any laboratory - regardless of space, personnel, or budget limitations - to implement molecular diagnostic capabilities.  

Expanded Molecular Menu

Alethia / illumigene Mycoplasma Direct by Meridian Bioscience
DNA Amplification Assay for the Detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae. in human throat swab specimens.

Alethia / illumigene Malaria by Meridian Bioscience
DNA Amplification Assay for the direct Detection of Plasmodium spp. DNA in human whole blood samples.

Alethia / illumigene HSV 1&2 by Meridian Bioscience
DNA Amplification Assay for the Detection of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2.

Alethia / illumigene Chlamydia by Meridian Bioscience
DNA Amplification Assay for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis in Endocervical swabs, self-collected vaginal swabs, male urine and female urine.

Alethia / illumigene Gonorrhea by Meridian Bioscience
DNA Amplification Assay for the detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Endocervical swabs, self-collected vaginal swabs, male urine and female urine.

Alethia / illumigene Pertussis by Meridian Bioscience
DNA Amplification Assay for the Detection of Bordetella pertussis in nasopharyngeal swab samples.

Alethia / illumigene Group A Streptococcus by Meridian Bioscience
Amplification Assay for the Detection of Streptococcus pyogenes (Group A β-hemolytic Streptococcus) in Throat Swab Specimens.

Alethia / illumigene Group B Streptococcusby Meridian Bioscience
DNA amplification assay for the detection of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in vaginal/rectal antepartum specimens.

Alethia / illumigene C. difficile by Meridian Bioscience
DNA amplification assay for the detection of Cytotoxigenic C. difficile in Stool Specimens.


Alethia / illumigene User Testimonials:

"We have been using the Alethia / illumipro-10 for over two years now and we are very satisfied. This platform allowed us to get into molecular biology without any initial investment. Indeed, even the test costs remain most affordable. Maintenance is almost non-existent, we have not suffered from any breakdowns for the moment and even if the technique requires some manipulation, these remain trivial for a small to medium workload. We initially chose the Alethia / illumipro-10 to meet our needs for high-value assays (Clostridium difficile toxin, Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorroheae) but we have progressively been able to deploy a large part of the menu, such as Mycoplasma pneumoniae which has become indispensable to our paediatric and pneumology departments. Today, although we have invested in real-time PCR solutions with cartridges and in syndromic multiplex solutions, Alethia / illumipro-10 maintains its place in the laboratory. There is no question about the value of Alethia / illumigene even more so, because some tests such as Plasmodium or herpes simplex virus in mucocutaneous lesions do not exist, to date, with other suppliers but also the cost for example of Mycoplasma pneumoniae is much lower than the cost of syndromic panels”

Batiste Simonet., CH Gueret, France

"An outbreak of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) at Hoglandet Hospital Eksjo in southern Sweden in 2011 was mainly due to multidrug-resistant PCR ribotype 046 (30% of all samples). Diagnostics used routinely was the Vidas CDAB assay, but to control the outbreak the rapid loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay Alethia / illumigene was introduced and both techniques were compared to Toxigenic culture (TC) prospectively. The LAMP assay had superior sensitivity, that is, 98% compared to 79% for the Vidas CDAB assay. Most importantly, the mean turn-around-time from collecting sample to result was reduced from 59 h to 2 h enabling early isolation of patients and effective hygiene precautions. This may potentially decrease morbidity and nosocomial transmissions of C. difficile"

Dr. Torbjorn Noren & Andreas Matussek., Ryhov County Hospital, Jonkoping, Sweden

Simpler and Smaller

The simple 7-step sample preparation process takes less than 2 minutes of hands-on time per sample. The Alethia / illumipro-10 offers walk-away automation. When you place the sample into the Alethia / illumipro-10 and press the “run” button, your work is done. 

There is no centrifugation, precision pipetting, thermal cycling or gel electrophoresis.

The Alethia / illumipro-10 has a very small footprint - approximately the size of an A4 sheet of paper. As the system incorporates and internal and external keyboard as well as an internal bar code reader for flexible sample ID entry, it does not require an auxiliary computer.

Continuous access is available while running up to 10 samples at a time due to 2 independent 5-sample chambers


Faster and More Flexible

Because there is no thermal cycling, Alethia / illumigene can provide results for up to 10 samples in less than an hour. Results are displayed directly on the Alethia / illumipro-10 screen and can be printed out on the system printer. Alethia / illumigene integrates easily into any facility, regardless of work volume or staff experience.

There is the flexibility to stop and restart the assay procedure and the system is adaptable to single sample or batch processing. The optional work station adapts to any user or work flow.


More Cost Effective

illumigene allows your lab to add molecular diagnostics without additional costs for labour, training, and capital equipment. In your lab, illumigene means:

  • Less than 2 minutes hands-on time per sample
  • Minimal labour requirement
  • Low maintenance with no additional service costs
  • Reduced waste disposal costs from environmentally friendly, mercury-free process


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Innovative LAMP technology

The Alethia / illumipro-10 instrument

The Alethia / illumipro-10 C. difficile 7-step process

Alethia / illumigene work station


Add Alethia / illumigene Capability to Your Lab

Alethia / illumigene is revolutionary technology that is simple, fast, and affordable. It puts molecular diagnostics within the reach of every lab.

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What our users have to say:

"At Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust we have considerable experience with the Alethia / illumigene C difficile DNA molecular assay. In patients who are positive following GDH screening, we undertake toxin testing and simultaneous toxin gene assay. This allows us to identify patients who are toxin-negative, but Alethia / illumigene positive, and this information is taken into account when considering the most suitable therapy, and infection prevention & control interventions. The same approach is used for Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, and is valuable in this particularly vulnerable patient population."

Dr John Cunniffe, Consultant Microbiologist, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK

"Previously our laboratory used QCC from TechLab, Alere as the cornerstone of our Clostridrium difficile routine diagnostic testing.  We decided two years ago to switch to the Meridian Bioscience C. diff ABSOLUTE algorithm, which combines two steps, namely, the ImmunoCard C. difficile GDH common antigen screen, which screens out negative samples effectively, and the Alethia / illumigene molecular step which is used to confirm GDH positive stool samples.  C. diff ABSOLUTE has proven itself a more rapid, more cost effective and more efficient algorithmic approach with superior accuracy, compared to QCC in our experience." 

 Dr Mulongo, CEBIODI, Brussels, Belgium

"In our study, 97 % of samples required no further testing by culture, which means that the analyses can be completed on the same day of sample receipt . This enables rapid detection, earlier treatment and isolation of patients with toxigenic CD. The combination of GDH + Alethia / illumigene tests allows you to combine the performance of an effective screening test (GDH) and a test with high sensitivity amplification while controlling costs, not requiring any special equipment and infrastructure and moreover, delivering the capacity to report the results back to clinicians within the same day."

Patricia Schatt & Alexandre Grimmelprez, Clinique Notre Dame De Grace, Gosselies, Belgium

"I have been using Meridian products for 4 years and in the last year, I have adapted to the latest guidelines and I’m using Alethia / illumigene for the diagnosis of CDI; it provides an accurate and fast diagnosis and yields reliable results because of the high NPV of the system.

In addition to Meridian, we organized a meeting with the medical department and they themselves have realized the importance of the appropriateness of the sample and the futility of the review of the patient after treatment of C. difficile.

I can say I am completely satisfied with the change I made."

Dr. ssa Maurizia Bonezzi, Casa di cura Villa Verde, Reggio Emilia, Italy

"I manage the laboratory activities of G.Salvini Hospital which includes 3 sites in the Milano area. About 1 year ago I introduced in the microbiology laboratories the Meridian GDH rapid test for screening, followed by Alethia / illumigene confirmation for C. difficile diagnosis. Due to the much improved sensitivity and positive predictive value (PPV) of this approach in comparison with toxins EIAs, we are able to provide clinicians with a more reliable result."

The superior sensitivity of this algorithmic approach allows us to avoid repeat testing, thereby yielding benefits on turnaround time and patient management."

Dr. Giuseppe Giuliani, Director of Laboratory Medicine, Azienda Ospedaliera "Guido Salvini", Milano, Italy

"Testing GBS with the Alethia / illumigene molecular method proved to be a very sensitive method compared to culture on blood plate agar. With Alethia / illumigene GBS we get more positive results and no false negative results. Especially for samples with low inoculum of GBS, Alethia / illumigene proved to be a faster and more accurate method compared to culture."

Martina Kavcic, Dr. Med., spec. klinicne mikrobiologije, vodja laboratorija
Ksenja Maršic, Microbiologist, Institute of Public Health Koper, Slovenia

"...carrot broth only detects hemolytic strains of GBS and the blood plate did not show "typical" colonies of GBS, the patient was inaccurately determined to be "negative for GBS". The reason our lab had decided to evaluate the Alethia / illumigene GBS methodology was for this very reason. We did not want to miss non-hemolytic GBS. Our correlation studies proved our need to change to the Alethia / illumigene GBS method."

Amanda Smith, MT, ASCP, The Pathology Laboratory, LA, USA

"The quick turnaround time enables a quick interpretation and the results can be forwarded to the wards within one hour. Due to the separate blocks on Alethia / illumipro-10 a continuous flow of sample processing is possible. The time saving (compared to culture) is most valuable for the microbiologists and clinicians."

"The easy hands-on nature of the test enables a continuous flow of the samples and the minimal amount of sample needed is favourable esp. thinking of babies/small children. In summary: a quick, significant and simple test in our laboratory"

Hospital Wagner Jauregg,  Linz, Austria